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Barbed Wire and Bamboo

UNofficial "site" for
Ex-Prisoners of War Association of Australia

(above taken from BW&B newsletter masthead)

Thanks to a recent anonymous donation, the 2/18th Battalion (A.I.F.) Association, are receiving the newsletter of the above peak ex-POW Association.  On investigation, there is no online web site for the group, nor any online copy of the newsletters.  So we have provided this valuable service.

An important note appears in the recent (August 2014) newsletter and we include here as both explanation and seeking the missing newsletters (preferably already scanned as a PDF).  [refer to page 10 of the Aug 2014 issue.]

"Can you help with missing copies of the 'Barbed Wire and Bamboo' please?

For those of you who are unaware, sadly the South Australian Association is currently being wound up.

Much of relevant material from Ex-POW members is being donated to the SA Government Archives, and hopefully that will include a complete set of 'Barbed Wire and Bamboo'.  Unfortunately there are many missing copies.

Please contact Olywn Jones, if you are willing to donate any of the following editions to complete set".


Here are the copies we have of the
Barbed Wire and Bamboo Official Organ Ex-Prisoners of War Association of Australia
incorporating: N.S.W. Ex-P.O.W. Assn., Ex-P.O.W. Assn. of S.A., Queensland Ex-P.O.W. Association, Victorian Ex-P.O.W. Association, W.A. Ex-P.O.W. Association, Tasmanian Ex-P.O.W. Association
(PP255003 01609)

We wish to also remind you that the above newsletters are provided with written permission of Minutes Secretary - Qld and National Ex-Prisoners of War Assns. on behalf Ex-Prisoners of War Association of Australia.  This permission does not permit the copy, electronic or otherwise of the material presented for ANY use, personal or commercial, without the express written permission of the Secretary of the 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association

Note: All items are in PDF format unless otherwise specified . If you don't already have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) Reader, click the following logo to obtain free copy of PDF Reader Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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