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About Us

There is so much to be said and so little time to say it. 

Basically the Association was formed to formalize the camaraderie of the men who left together (or joined up later), gave their lives and those that returned safely.  The association was formed in 1946.  You can see the minutes of the inaugural general meeting and 1st newsletter at Newsletters.

To keep up to date with all that is going on with the 2/18th Association, visit News regularly (or even take advantage of our change notification service).

Check out what we are doing (and have done recently) by checking out our Diary.

Stories of wartime, post war, and even recent history and events can be found at History, along with photos in our Photo Gallery

Sadly, many of the Association members are no longer with us and we have started to remember them at Lest We Forget.

We have even reserved some space for the Nominal Roll

Don't forget to have a look and maybe even purchase the association's book(s) at Sales.

You can Search our site or visit similar sites at Links, browse through our sites pages in Contents, let us know how we are doing via Feedback or just Contact Us

Oh, by the way, the current Association Committee is -

2011 Committee
President Noel Simmons
First Vice President Merv Blyth
Second Vice President Joan Okey
Vice President - Country Bob Flint
Secretary Colleen Czarnik
Treasurer Diane Humphries
Representatives to the
8th Division Council
Colleen Czarnik
Larry Czarnik
Custodian of the Flags Noel Simmons
Rural Representative Evan Richards
Archivist Joan Okey
Auditor Richard Clive

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