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1940s Battalion Photo

The "Armidale lads" get together.

Photo of 2/18th Batallion around 1940.  (Click to enlarge.)

E-mail to Larry Czarnik, from Stewart MacLennan, CC'ed Steve Ferris, dated 26 Apr 2008:

Hi Larry

As I think was discussed in the magazine [Editor's note: see Newsletters - #136 - August 2007], Joe Ferris mentioned he remembered my dad (deceased 1952) at a picnic and said he had a photo of all the 2/18th who signed up in Armidale NSW, including my father.  He offered to send me the photo. But my mom, who you met on Saturday, also had a copy which she gave to me and I brought to the next picnic. Merv took it home to try and identify people. I sent a numbered copy and a form to Joe asking him to fill it in. Meanwhile Joan sent a copy to Ian Johnson (Tom's son) in Armidale. They printed it in the local paper asking for names. No response, but meanwhile Joe got out the note he took on the day of who was who and filled in my form and sent it to me. When I subsequently talked to him he was 100% sure his note was correct. I brought it to the next picnic with the list which I think then made it to the next magazine [Editor's note: see Newsletters - #137 - November 2007]. Steve Ferris could ask Joe when the photo was taken and it would be great to go up on the website.

PS Steve, tell Joe we all missed him when you are next on the blower to him!

List provided by Stewart from earlier e-mail:

Three rows, left to right, bottom to top.


  1. W.K Jackes
  2. Ronald A. Stace
  3. Lindsay R. WIlliamson
  4. Eric W. Dunphy
  5. David C. Wilson
  6. F. Thomas Johnston
  7. Brian S. James
  8. W.A. Crossman
  9. W.G. "Paddy" Gillespie


  1. Claude G. Fulloon
  2. Joseph N. Eckersley
  3. Ronald F. Behrend
  4. Len Ayling
  5. Stafford R. "Joe" Ferris
  6. A.W.L. Smith
  7. Ronald S. Crighton


  1. Bill Mc Donald
  2. Cecil Ivan Frost
  3. George Charlton
  4. Jack McLennan
  5. Ambrose J. Burke
  6. Frank B. Lanbert
  7. J. Mitchell

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