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1942 Working Party

Thanks to Reg Jarman for the copy of this photo,

And thanks to John McGrory for providing the names and identifying picture as
Canteen Party.

Once you have some one with such a good memory as John to be able to identify the people in this photo some 66 years later, you think it would be easy to put down the list.  But the guys aren't in nice neat rows.  So we're going to use two main rows, bottom and top and in each there are fellows in front ant faces in back and we'll go left to right.

A quick insertion after the ANZAC Day 2008 AGM and lunch - John McGrory went on to say that a) the photo includes Japanese soldiers as they had the camera! b) this photo is almost 66 years to the day of ANZAC Day (it was taken April 1942), c) it is called a Canteen Party as they POWs were made to assist with the Japanese Canteen and d) no explanation was offered as to why the Australian has his arm around the Japanese on the left side of the photo.  And now for the names.

Bottom: Front (young boy) Tan Peng Kee, middle (unknown military with hat), behind (bare head) Les Kelly, forward (with cap) Lt Hugh Simmons, front (young boy) Tang Peng Ho, behind (with cowlick) Vic Mirkin, behind (unknown with only eyes showing), middle (unknown military with hat), behind Gunga Collins, back (with slouch hat) Bob Ford, front (no shirt) Jack Simpson, behind (broad hat) John McGrory, front (unknown military with hat), middle Bob Kilgour, behind Ian Edgar, front (unknown with dog tag chain), behind (unknown with face obscured and with hat), middle (unknown with bare head and only face), front (unknown military with hat), back (unknown looking down) front (unknown military with hat) and last (with medic armband) Reg Jarman.

Top: Front (unknown military with hat), behind Jack Stanley, front (unknown with blond hair), behind (unknown face only, from 2/20th), front (unknown, 2nd bare chest, from 2/20th), front (3rd bare chest) Les Stanton, front Tommy Simmons, behind (face only) Bill Weller, behind (unknown face under broad hat), front (with arms crossed) Cliff Olsen, behind (with pith helmet) Bill Sellars, front (unknown with bare chest), behind (with cap) Jack Breen, front (with broad hat, face down) Cyril Dempster, behind (unknown 2 faces only), front (bare chest, hand on hip) Hilton Madden, behind (unknown face only), front (balding blond) "Blondie" Williamson, behind Jim Toose, front (with goatee) has surname Smith.

For the full article that Reg Jarman contributed to our Newsletters - #136 - August 2007, you can refer to Article from web site Prisoners Of War of the Japanese 1942-1945 entitled "The Medical Orderlies of Songkurai No 2 Camp" as told by Reg Jarman. See www.pows-of-japan.net/articles/83.htm.

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