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The following extracts from early newsletters solve some of the mystery of the Bugle

2/18 Battalion A.I.F Association
Newsletter No. 18
July 1953

For some time past, your Committee has been considering passing on to the 17/18 Bn. C.M.F., a memorial or perhaps a trophy which we can regard as a remembrance to our fallen comrades and those who did not return from Japanese Prison Camps. 

By reason of our close association and liaison with this C.M.F. unit, we have had an opportunity of discussing this matter and it has been proposed by the unit that perhaps a band instrument or instruments, suitably engraved, might meet with our wishes and, at the same time, provide them with something of a very real value to their Regimental Band. Your Committee was in agreement with this suggestion and accordingly arrangements were set in train.

The instrument suggested was a nickel cornet, which, with engraving, would cost in the vicinity of ₤65. If subscriptions are in excess of this sum, we will endeavour to provide an additional instrument, or some music stands, or some other useful accessories.

With a view to giving every member an opportunity of taking an interest in this proposed memorial, the Committee has decided that the matter of cost should take the form of a general appeal. It is also felt that we should give the next-of-kin of our fallen comrades an opportunity to contribute to this appeal. The Committee feels sure that you will all be fully in accord with this proposal and that it can now consider the appeal as open. In other words, give this project full support. Send your contribution to Secretary, Brain James, and make our effort worthwhile on this occasion.

Newsletter No 19
March 1954

Some time ago, your association launched an appeal for donations to purchase a band instrument for the 17/18 Btn. As you know, we have a very close tie-up with this Unit from World Wars I and II, also in peace. With the 17/18 C.M.F., 18/Btns we unite for the combined Church Service at St John’s Gordon. Your committee feels that we of the 2/18th should make a gift to the 17/18 C.M.F,, preferably something that will serve as a reminder to the coming generations of shared traditions, hence the appeal.

Sadly however the appeal has met with surprisingly little success. It is a most discouraging reaction when we know the importance of unity in the world today. We sincerely hope that there will be a big response soon. To those who have donated sums of money, the committee expresses sincere thanks.

Newsletter No 20
July 1954

Some time ago we made an appeal for funds for a band instrument to be given to the 17/18 Bn. C.M.F. As everyone is aware, this combined unit is endeavouring to carry on the traditions by both World War I and II 17th and a8th Btns. Today they proudly carry our battalion colours and battle honours and they are doing a darned good job of it. Alas, as we remember though, it’s mighty hard to put on a good show without a decent band. Remember how old Norm Whittaker’s boys really came good with their instruments. How different we felt when the band got cracking when we were marching back to camp after a day on the Om’s race track? Well remember those days and dig into the “kick” and sent your 5/- or more to Alf Price.

Hesitantly , I mention that the present balance is ₤11/9/6 and half of that was due to the generosity of Mr. Jim Chisholm. Many thanks, J.S.

Newsletter No 22
August 1955

We are a little more than half way in our drive for funds to make a presentation to the 17/18 Btn., C.M.F., in that we have in hand something like ₤40—our objective is ₤65 and for that amount we can obtain a first-class band instrument.

It is proposed to engrave this instrument “In Sacred Memory of our Fallen Comrades” and with it we will remember them when we combine with the members of this 17/18 Btn., which we can rightly claim as our successors. This memorial will serve as a torch to the young soldiers of this young unit, and, we feel, that it will be a constant reminded to them of the glorious traditions which we are proud to bear.

Your fullest co-operation in this final appeal will be appreciated no end by your committee and Mark Taylor, our treasurer, will, indeed, be pleased to receive your contributions.

Newsletter No. 26
August 1957

Two Bugles—silver plated and inscribed—have been purchased and are to be present to the 17/18 Bn. In the near future. The date will be arranged by your Committee and the Commanding Officer of the 17/18 Bn. These bugles will be on display at our next Reunion on August 30, 1957.

Newsletter No. 27
President’s Message [The President was K.E. Gulliver]

On the 17th September, 1957, two silver-plated bugles were presented to the 17/18th Bn. from the Association. Those who attended the August reunion saw the bugles on display there and general opinion agreed they were a worthy presentation to perpetuate the memory of those members of our unit who did not return. A simple ceremony, at which the colours were displayed and attended by 200 officers and men of the 17/18th Bn., marked the opening of the function. I addressed the assembly, after which the presentation was made. Firstly one bugle was presented to Lt. Col. Marshall by Lt. Col. Mosher; followed by the second bugle to the Regimental Sergeant Major by S/Sgt. Jones. The ceremony was also attended by 15 members from your Association, who were later entertained in the true MESS SPIRIT.

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