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NX33261 Arthur Mitchell

Thanks Paula for providing the following info.

Caution! Links on this page marked with  PDF Document format require Adobe Reader . If you don't already have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) Reader, click the following logo to obtain free copy of PDF Reader Get Adobe Acrobat Reader).

I am currently putting together a collection of letters from my husband’s grandfather, Pte Arthur Mitchell NX33261, 2/18 Btn, B Coy. who served in Malaya and died as a POW in Changi 17/3/1942. This may help with background info and I would love to find any further info if possible.

I found out about the Association by 'Googling' 2/18th Btn in the early stages of research . I was just really wanting to find out some background information about Arthur Mitchell's service in Malaya. The wonders of technology. I have also spoken to all family members who are more than happy to have some of Arthur's letters published in the newsletters if you think that they would be of interest. I have tried to put the letters into some sort of order, and have only typed up some of the early ones so far. I have attached a couple that may be of interest.  (Click on the links below.)

  1. The first describes the parting of Arthur and his wife and daughter at the railway station. PDF Document
  2. Another leaving Sydney Harbour on the Queen Mary early Feb 1941. PDF Document
  3. And another in the early days of arrival in Singapore / Malaya. PDF Document

You may want to use some or all of them - whatever you think may be of interest.
Some other background info, Arthur was a little fellow, a Yorkshireman who had emigrated to Australia (unsure when) and married Win, and settled in Manly Vale. He was probably quite a bit older than some of the other men, being 37 yrs old when they departed Australia. He mentions a couple of names including Bill Jolley, Les Barlow, Ernest (?surname).

Thanks again for your very helpful assistance.

We wish to also remind you that the story is provided with written permission of Paula Wilson on behalf of her husband’s grandfather.  This permission does not permit the copy, electronic or otherwise of the material presented for ANY use, personal or commercial, without the express written permission of the Secretary of the 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association.

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