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NX40835 Jack McLennan, Sgt

Letter to President re: Jack McLennan (NX40835)

6 June, 2007
Merv Blyth
President 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association

Dear Merv,
Becoming involved, though in a small way with the 2/18 "mob" has been very important to me, as it is one of the few ways I have of learning more about my father, Jack McLennan who died while I was very young. I knew he had served in the 2/18th and been a POW with "G" Force at Osaka and then Akenobi Japan, but not much more.

Through the reunion lunch late last year and attending recent picnics in the park, I have already made many new friends and learnt so much, particularly of the comradeship which has for so long bound the battalions members and their families together. A casual comment to Joe Ferris, visiting from Dubbo with his son Steve last Monday, prompted Joe to ask who my father was. "Oh I knew Jack McLennan!" he exclaimed. It must have been almost 65 years since Joe and my father would have last seen each other, but suddenly we both had a link neither of us would have expected earlier that day. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with Joe and coming to more picnics in the future to continue getting to know a very remarkable group of people.

Thanks to everyone for making me and my wife Lesley feel so welcome.

Stewart and Lesley MacLennan

We wish to also remind you that the story is provided with written permission of Stewart MacLennan on behalf of his father.  This permission does not permit the copy, electronic or otherwise of the material presented for ANY use, personal or commercial, without the express written permission of the Secretary of the 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association.
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