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#156 - OC'14
#155 - MR'14
#154, OC'13
#153, MR'13
#152, NV'12
#151, FB'12
#150, NV'11
#149, JL'11
#148, FB '11
#147, NV '10
#146, AG '10
#145, MR '10
#144, NV '09
#143, AG '09
#142, MR '09
#141. JA '09
#140, SP '08
#139, MY '08
#138, FB '08
#137, NV '07
#136, AG '07
#135, JN '07
#134, FB '07
#109, NV'98
#001, MY '46


The Association has been fortunate enough to have a newsletter sent to its members about every 3-4 months for many years.  Thanks to the Association's current newsletter editor, Joan Okey, we will be including the newsletters here on the Association web site.

Some of the newsletters have photocopied material which can't easily be scanned and included on the web.  Initially the parts of the newsletter that are input as MS Word in preparation for publication will be included here on the web.  Phone #s have been removed due to privacy regulations (see Privacy Statement).  Links have been added to the newsletter to reference either other parts of the Association's web site or other relevant web sites.

Note: Items marked with PDF Document are in PDF format . If you don't already have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) Reader, click the following logo to obtain free copy of PDF Reader Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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